The Legend of Smokin' Joe's

Long ago, there was a Mexican cowboy called Jose Mancini (Joe) who worked on a farm in Texas, USA. One day as Joe was returning home, he was stopped by the heavenly aroma of food that came from a bakery nearby. On entering, Joe found a beautiful girl called Isabella working there. She belonged to an immigrant family from Sicily. Italy.

Each day Joe would stop by to meet Isabella and savour her oven-fresh pizzas. Soon love blossomed between them and in August 1851, they were married. But unfortunately, in October 1852, Joe and Isabella were torn apart by the Great Floods. A heart broken Joe tried making up for his wife's loss by experimenting with her pizza recipes himself.

Soon, Joe's pizzas became the talk of every ranch for their smokin' hot appeal and freshly- picked ingredients. The ranchers called them Smokies, and Joe came to be known as Smokin' Joe. You can experience the same freshness here in India at Smokin' Joe's - a tribute to the love-lorn Mexican who made pizzas a celebration of fine taste.