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Veg Regular Medium Large Maha
Onion/Tomato Slices/Garlic/Spinach/Capsicum/Spring Onion/Red Paprika/ American Corn/Oregano/Basil/Mushroom/Pineapple/X-Cheese/Black Olive/Jalapeno Peppers/Baby Corn/Sundried Tomatoes 30 50 70 170

  (Price Per Topping)

Non-Veg Regular Medium Large Maha
Pork Sausage/Pork Salami/Pork Ham/Bacon Chicken Sausage/Chicken Salami 45 65 75 220

  (Price Per Topping)

Choice of the pizza Base Regular / regular Crisp / Thin & Crisp – At no extra cost. Cheese burst / Stuffed Crust – At extra cost.
We give you a choice of 3 different types of pizza bases to bit into Whole wheat thin base available in medium size at select outlet.
Choice of the pizza Sauce
Regular / Spicy (*on request) – At no extra cost

(A) Regular - 7", 17.78cm, Serves 1
(B) Medium - 10", 20.40cm, Serves 2
(C) Large - 12", 30.40cm, Serves 3
(D) Maha - 20", 50.80cm, Serves 8

Super Value Offer

V1, V2, NV1 Offer - Buy any 2 Medium pizzas worth Rs.335 each for just Rs.225/-